Friday, June 27, 2008

My momma

Please remember my momma as she goes for a routine stress test on July 8th. Pray that she receives a good report and has no stress on her heart or blockages. Continue to remember all of my family.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 21, 2007

Good Evening Precious Savior,

I come to you this evening to ask that Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In all things, please let Your will be accomplished. Lord, teach me to be in tune with Your will in all areas of my life. Help me to pick up my cross and carry it each day with a fervor like never before. Lord, use my life to honor You throughout every circumstance.

I ask that You forgive me for my failures and my shortcomings. Lord, I know that I am no where near being perfect and I know that I will never be, but I ask that You help me to live as much like You as I possibly can. I ask that You create, in me, a clean heart at each and every dawn and guide me to be accurate in my daily decisions. I ask that You help me control my deadliest weapon, my tongue, more often. Lord, I want Your holiness to be upon me and to grace my life each moment of each day.

I ask that You bless my family. Bless my parents for their love and dedication to Your word and Your house. Touch my mom's body and heal her of any health problems that may be present that we may or may not know about. Touch her bones and heal them. Touch her joints, her heart, her organs, her spirit and heal them with Your touch. Please let her checkup test results come back good and let there be nothing there to hinder her body as a vehicle for You. I pray that You touch my father's body and heal him of any health issues that exist. Touch his heart and organs, his soul and spirit and give him an amazing healing. Touch my precious brother and heal his body. Touch his kidneys and heal them of their disease as well as the rest of his body of any sickness that may plague it. Touch my sweet husband, Lord, and heal his body of any sickness that it may contain. Give him guidance and encouragement when he gets weary Lord. Bless them that their bodies will be healthy and sound in order to be a vehicle of Your word and Your message.

Lord, I ask that You bless us with a precious child. Lord, even now, be molding and shaping our precious baby into the child you wish for him/her to be. Send her/him when the time is right and I pray special blessings upon his/her life. I pray that every day he/she is reminded that You are the Father. Use its life Lord to bring You glory.

God, be with my dear friend as she goes back to the doctor on Monday. Lord, if it be possible in Your will, let there be a precious little child growing in her womb. Bless her greatly indeed Lord and help her to know that it is You that is blessing. Lord, be her comfort and strength. I pray for her husband and little boy. Lord, just be with her whole family.

Let Your love encompass all those who are grieving today. Surround them with Your words of truth and mercy. Lord, speak to their hearts and let them realize that they need You in their lives to deal with their losses and to deal with life in general. Comfort those who are needing Your presence at this moment. Be with Verna, Danielle's family, Justin's family, Jeremy Neal's family, Dallas' family, Brian Wagner's family, and all those who's names are written upon my heart each day.

God, I beg You to reach down and save those who are lost. Lord, open their eyes and help them to see the truth. I pray for those that I have never heard a testimony from. Help me to hear one from them or even be a part of it before this life is over. Save my family and my friends. Save my coworkers and Michael's coworkers. Save Jess, Gavin, James, Barb, Dallas, Brian, Papaw Goodlett, Keith, Becky, Wing, their kids, Judy and Tommy's sisters and brothers and their family members who may be lost, Michelle, John, Tyler, Jared, Kaye, Danny, and all those who's names fail to come to mind now. Lord, You know the hearts of all those I have on mine. Save them Lord from spending eternity without You. I beg You Lord to reach down and Save the sinner that is closest to hell right at this moment.

Lord, I pray for our church service tomorrow. Bless our pastor as he prepares to bring Your message to us. I pray for each soul that pulls onto the parking lot and hearkens the doorways. Lord if there are lost souls there, save them please. Help us to be aware of our surroundings and to be a light each day to the lost. Bless those who are in desperate need of extra blessings. Speak peace to those who need it, which would consist of us all. Just be with every need.

Thank You for all Your blessings in my life each moment of each day Lord. Thank You for Saving me and keeping me. Thank You for the blessings I know are to come. Thank You for listening Precious Father.

In Your Son's Holy Name I Pray,

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Prayer ...... August 18, 2007

Dear Heavenly Father,

What a week! You have blessed each day tremendously because I would have never made it if You hadn't. THANK YOU so much for all the blessings that You have bestowed upon me this week and every moment of my life. Thank You for saving me and for keeping me, even when I deserve to be left totally alone in life. Thank You for the many prayers you have answered, even those that did not turn out the way my human brain thought that they should.

Jesus, please forgive me of my sins. This week showed me a lot about witnessing. The situation my dear husband was put in broke my heart and really shook me up. I do witness, but not nearly enough. I pray that You forgive me for that and help me to do better. Be my strength when my body is weak and wants to say nothing. Help me to not smile at a joke that is inappropriate. Be my guidance when the conversations are not what they should be with others. Help me to sin less in this world of complete sin.

Lord, I pray for those who are at death's door at this moment, those who may not even realize it. Save them Lord. Knock on their heart's door again and let them be submissive. I pray for the salvation of my family members. My precious cousins, aunts, and uncles; along with my precious Goodlett lost family members. You know who each of these people are. Lord, I beg of You, please lead me in witnessing to them yet again. Please, God don't let them die and enter hell.

I pray for those who have lost loved ones, whether it be this week or 10 years ago. Each heart that is overwhelmed without a way to turn. God be with them. Shelter them in Your loving arms. Comfort them in ways that others can't and help those around them to love them like Jesus. Lord, if there is a question about those who have passed on's salvation, please just confirm an answer to those who are seeking one.

I pray for my family. Lord, touch my precious mother. Heal her body of any ailments that may exist with or without us knowing. Pad her steps and heal the pains in her hips and legs. Touch her heart and protect it from damage. Shield her from harm as she travels and works daily. Just bless her greatly indeed for her service and faithfulness to You.

I pray for my blessed father. God, please just keep him safe in all his endeavors. Touch his body and heal him of any ailments that we may or may not know of. Keep him safe as he travels to and from work daily and works so hard to provide for his family. Lord, I pray that you just bless him for always teaching my brother and I the right way through You.

I pray for my little brother. Lord help him to continue to stand up for what is right. I am so proud of the man he is becoming and for what You are doing through him. Lord I just pray that he continues to be what you would have him to be. I pray that you will bless his endeavors at school and in his activities. Bless him and keep a hedge of protection around him as he ventures out to drive on his own. Heal his kidneys and the rest of his body of any ailments that we may not even know of. Protect him on the football field and in life.

Lastly, but not least of all, bless my precious husband. Touch him Lord and just give him encouragement. Lord, how often we get down on things when we are trying to do right but Satan tries to tear us down on every hand. Bless him God. Touch his body and heal him of any ailments that may be in existance that we may not even know about. Keep him safe no matter what he is doing. Use his life and help him to witness to more and more people. Bless him greatly indeed for his service unto You and for his servanthood attitude towards me.

Lord I pray for my friend Kim. Bless her with a precious child as she undergoes IVF this Monday. Just work in her body to create the best atmosphere for it to take and bless her and her family greatly indeed. Speak to their hearts and commune with them.

Touch Michael and I and help our bodies to correlate just as You would have to create a child during this time. Lord, I pray that you just bless us with a precious child that we can love and cherish and most importantly, give back to You. I thank You, in advance for that child and know that You will send him/her when You feel the time is right.

Lord, touch my precious pastor and his wife. Raise them up and be their strength in their busy world. Bless them greatly indeed for their work for You. Bless our church and each member. Bless them and their families greatly indeed and let them feel the love from our hearts to theirs. I pray that someone will be saved tommorrow and I will continue to pray that even while I am in church 3 hours away tomorrow. I pray that tons of souls be saved all over.

Bless and be with everyone that I love and that I come in contact with. Be with my family members all over the U.S. and my friends. Be with my students and their families. Continue to bless my job and to help me do well at it. Be my strength in the areas that I need help with.
Thank you for your blessings and thank you for our conversations daily especially those we have each morning in my car.

I Pray all these things in accordance to YOUR will, not mine.

In Jesus' precious and holy name,


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Prayer ........ July 3, 2007

Good Morning Precious Heavenly Father,

I come to You this morning in such a good mood because of a few reasons. First of all, today is the day before the 4th of July and my husband has the day off. He seems much more rested than he did this time last week. We've already had a good time this morning just sharing breakfast that he picked up for us. Secondly, because of the holiday my father has the week off from work. I am overjoyed because my father works a lot and he needs this time to relax and enjoy himself. So it just blesses me to think that a lot of the folks I love (hubby, dad, mom, bro) are having some time today/this week to enjoy themselves and to take a little bit of down time. Thirdly, I am in a good mood because I awoke to the sounds of the precious birds singing their praises unto You. How beautiful is that sound! I like waking up without being in a hurry so that I can enjoy this. So first and foremost, THANK YOU for this wonderful morning You have blessed me with once again. Thank You for my Salvation, my faith, family, friends, my job!, the air that is caressing my nostrils as we speak, and the many blessings that You bless me with over and over again!

I also ask for forgiveness of all the sins that I have been a part of whether it be the sin of doing something I shouldn't, or not doing something that I should. I am still a failure who is striving to do better with Your guidance and it boils down to me being a sinner SAVED by GRACE!

Please, watch over my precious family. Lord, satan attacked me so greatly yesterday. Thoughts of horrible things kept flooding my mind in regards to my family's safety. He knows where I am weak and he plays on that. Please Jesus, just be with them and keep a hedge of protection around about them. I love my family more than anything in this world. Touch my precious mother and heal her arthritic bones, keep her heart working correctly, help her diabetic condition, and just cover her body with Your power. Touch my precious father and heal his gout, stresses, tiredness, and his dealings with others who are not so nice sometimes. Use Your Holy Power to address his needs. Touch my baby brother and keep him safe in the years to come. Help him with his kidney disease, with learning to drive, picking a college, career, and eventually a mate. Touch my sweet husband and help him to succeed in all that he is working so hard at succeeding at. Heal his body of any infirmities that may be plaguing it, keep him safe from the sun's harmful rays on his fair skin. Touch my precious cousins and my in laws and keep them safe from harm and destruction. Save those in my family that do not know You and Your Saving Grace. Prick their hearts even at this moment with a desire to get to know You. I Pray that You continue to keep a hedge around my precious family and keep them safe from all the things that could harm them.

I Pray for all the lost and for the sinner closest to hell. Lord, please let them realize the error of their ways and turn before its to late. Please, open the eyes of those who are leading people down the wrong paths even now. Help them realize what they are allowing satan to do through them.

I Pray for the Creation Museum and its message of the Holy Word. I Pray for all those that enter its doors. Please just touch my husband, sis and bro in law and I as we enter and view this Truth!

Be with all those who are hurting this morning. Be with all the families who are missing folks that they love so dearly. Please just comfort the bereaved and provide peace for them. Bless my church and my co workers. Bless Michael's work and coworkers. Bless my pastor and his family. Be with all those who have a need today.

I love You Father and I thank You for taking the time to listen to my Prayers,
In Jesus' Name,

Friday, June 29, 2007

Good Morning God ....... June 29, 2007

Dear Heavenly Father,

I have a much lighter spirit as I approach your throne this morning and I praise You for that. I ask that you forgive me of all sin that I have been a part of including things that I haven't done but should have. I praise You for sending Jesus to the cross to die for me and I still stand in awe that if I were the only one here on earth, He would have still died! Amazing!

I ask Prayer for all those who are lost, sick, hurting emotionally; Lord please be with these people. Let them realize that You are real and that You will meet their every need if they will just call upon You. Lord, use me in the lives of these people. Touch me and use me (my body is a vehicle for you) to demonstrate You to those who don't know where to turn.

I ask for protection and blessing to be upon my beloved family. Lord, strengthen each member and provide blessings and protection for them for their continued service to You. Touch them deep in their souls and bless them greatly indeed.

Please, be with my precious husband. He left for work feeling bad this morning from a summer cold. I know that it will be hard to be out in the heat all day while sneezing and feeling icky. Bless him Lord. Also, please send folks who really need a good deal on a vehicle to him. Bless him with some car sales today and tomorrow Jesus. Also, provide for him rest as he has traveled and worked nonstop for 2 weeks with only Sunday off to serve You.

Bless our marriage and our relationship in You. Lord help me to be the wife that I should be. I Pray this daily because I need it daily. I know that there are plenty of ways that I could bless You more by serving him. What a beautiful picture of Christ and His bride that would be!

Bless us with a child when you see fit and even now, if it be Thy will, create the miracle of life in my womb. Help me to feel less overwhelmed with the whole process and with all the things that I feel like are hinging upon the situation. Help me to see that in due time I will get to accomplish the things that I have on my heart to accomplish. Help me see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Lastly, SAVE those in my family, friends, and community who are lost. Lord help me to be a witness to them and to really be someone that they can talk to. Provide opportunities and help me realize them while I am in them instead of later on.

Thank You Lord for Saving me and keeping me each and every day. I am nothing without You. Thank You for my answered Prayers, for my family & friends, and for my health and happiness. Thank You for being there for me when I am so down and out that no one knows what to say. Thank You for providing a wonderful husband to be there through thick and thin. Thank You for the children You that I know You will soon bless us with in due time. Thank You is just not enough, eh?

I Pray all these things in accordance to Your perfect will,
In Jesus' name,

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ain't Nothin' Gonna Come Between Me and God.... My Prayer June 25, 2007

Dear Heavenly Father,

Good morning. I want to start off by thanking You for bringing me through some frustration last night. I want to thank You for listening as I Prayed last night when no one else was even awake. Thank You for the positive news that Tina sent my way. Thank You for church yesterday. It was awesome! Thank You for sending me to my church when You did 3+ years ago. Thank You for sending my family to the same church as well. Thank You for my family and friends. I couldn't have a better support system. Thank You for hearing my Prayers and answering them. Thank You most of all for hearing my Prayer for Salvation and Saving my condemned soul.

Lord, please forgive me for everything that I have done. Forgive me for being cross with people that I may have been cross with. Forgive me for not speaking when I should and for speaking when I shouldn't. Forgive me for the sins I commit each moment of each day.

Lord, please be with all those who have lost someone that they love. Be with Danielle's family. Hold Verna so close to Your heart. I know each day is a struggle for her, but what a picture of Jesus she has been to all of us through this situation! She has turned to You with everything she has. I love her and that family dearly. Please let Danielle know that I still love her, too. Let her know that I am coming soon to see her. I really don't think it will be much longer Dear Lord. I know You are the only one that really knows, but the signs are so evident. Please let Danielle be a part of my welcoming committee in Heaven.

Please be with other families who have lost loved ones: Brian Wagner's, Jon's, Justin Ealy's, Ruth Bell Graham's, Preacher Bingham's, Robin Baker's, and any that are slipping my mind at the moment.

Please be with my father, mother, and brother. Touch them Lord and bless their earthen vessels. They are so faithful to You. Please lengthen their days upon this earth if it be Thy will. Please let them be able to enjoy aging gracefully. Let them enjoy their grandchildren and be able to teach them just as they have taught my brother and I. Please help Billy to be able to grow in grace and truth and to make a difference in this world. Bless him with the right wife and sweet children when the time comes. Help him decide on college and career choices as well as life choices while growing up. I Pray these in accordance to Your will Heavenly Father.

Lord, be with those that are lost or are out of Your will. I Pray for my friends and my family. I Pray that I can be a voice of Your truth in this wilderness of life to them. I Pray that You save those which are lost in my family and friends. I Pray that You draw those which are away from You right now back to Your scarred side and let them realize that You are all that they will ever need.

Lord, be with my precious husband. He has such a good mindset. He desires to live a positive life that centers around You. May I always be supportive of him in his endeavors. I Pray that I will always be a good wife. I Pray that I will always remember to keep his needs before mine. This is Your will and I realize that. God, You know that I always try to be what You would have me be. You also know that my desire is to live an innocent Christian life. Help me to be a good wife to this precious husband that You have so blessed me with.

Help me O Lord. Help me with my career situation. Lord, You know where You want me. You know the desires of my heart as well. You know where my heart has been and where it is at every moment of every day. Lord, I Pray for Your holy will to be accomplished in this situation. Please just make a way for me wherever that may be. Go before me and meet with the hearts that are distant towards mine. Let them see that I am beyond their thoughts. I am a totally different person than they think I am. I Pray that if it be Your will, a way will be made for the desires of my heart. I Pray that this would be in accordance to Your will as it is in Heaven.
Even now, I Pray for peace in this situation. I Pray that I will find rest in You. Lord, You know how overwhelmed that I am. You know how exhausted my mind is. Please just give me peace in this situation.

I also Pray for a precious child when You see fit. I Pray that if it be your will, things won't take months and months. I Pray for Your guidance in this situation. I Pray for Your strength in this situation and with Michael and I as a couple. Please just work a miracle if it be Your will.

Father, I beg of You ... just meet my needs and the needs of all those that I love so dearly. I Pray that You will read my heart and see exactly what it's saying. I Pray for the things that I may not even be able to think of but that I know need Praying for. I Pray for our country and its leaders. I Pray for the upcoming elections. I Pray for our soldiers and their families. I Pray that this world will come to know You. I love and magnify You Jesus for all that You are to me.

In Jesus' Name,

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Prayer For Today June 22, 2007

Dear Heavenly Father,

I Pray first and foremost for forgiveness of my sins. I realize that I sin every moment of every day. I sin from the things that I do and from the things that I don't do. I just ask that You forgive me for my failures, pick me up, and dust me off again. I thank you for all that You are to me. I would be absolutely NOTHING without You. I thank You for the air that I breathe each moment. I thank You for my wonderful family and friends. I thank You for my great church and the ministry there. I thank You for the days that I smile easily and the days that it takes a little more effort. Most of all, I thank You for Saving me and creating a home for me in Heaven. I thank You for the memories that linger from those that I love who have gone on to Heaven.

I ask that You be with all the lost including those in my Brittain-Goodlett family. I ask that You tug at their heart strings. I Pray that they realize just how awesome an opportunity that Salvation is for them, just as it has been for all of us.

I also ask that You revive those who are out of their fellowship with You and other Christians. Revive me and my husband so that we we may be even closer to You.

Be with Monica and Chris as their marriage grows. Be with Pam as she heads to Knoxville to live and discover her career. Help Jessi Rose to continue to grow and mature into the woman that I know she is. Be with all the above in their walks with You. Remind them of where You have brought them and where they may have ended up. Remind me of that daily, too Dear Lord.

Jesus, you know how I feel in my heart and soul. You know what's going on with me. Please continue to take my issues and use them. I want my suffering to be worthwhile. I also Pray for those who are going through far worse issues than I. Please just help me to be the daughter, wife, sister, friend, etc. that I need to be even when I am not feeling like myself. Just move in my life and encourage my soul. I desire Your will because I know that You honestly have my best interest at heart.

Lord, continue to work a miracle in my life. Prepare Michael and I for a child if You see fit. Even now, I Pray that you would embrace the sweet baby that will share our heritage. I Pray that You will send that child when You know that the time is right for us. I Pray that it may not be too long until I can see its precious face, or even know of its development. As anxious as I may be, I realize that You will send a baby in Your time. I also Pray that it will be blessed of You before it even begins to grow in my womb.

Please God, continue to bless my family and friends. Touch my mother's body and heal her of any ailments that she may have. Bless her doctor's appointment on Monday and let us receive good news if it by Thy will. Please touch my father and heal his body. Give him strength as he works so hard so many hours each day for his family. Bless my parents for the love and the teaching that they have brought into my life. Please extend their days upon this earth Lord. Bless them greatly indeed.

Be with my precious baby brother. I am so excited for him because he is growing up to be such an upstanding young guy. He is a light for You which is more to me than any grades or sports recognition. I am so proud of what You have done through his life and are continuing to do. I Pray that You continue to keep him from evil (actually I Pray that for all of us) and that he will go on to do great things to glorify and magnify You.

I Pray for my precious husband who is always willing to go the extra mile for me. He is always so open to listen and so encouraging. He never gives up, even when I do in moments of personal weakness. I Pray that You bless him and keep him safe in your arms. I Pray that you use his opportunities to continue to glorify You. I thank You for his influences thus far on his coworkers and customers. I know that our children will have a beautiful first picture of You through him.

I also Pray for my Brittain-Goodlett family. Please help Sandy to see that she needs to turn back to You and tug at her heart so that she may desire to lead Craig to a Saving knowledge. Please help mamaw to depend on You and to desire to heal. Help Jess to make all the decisions she may face now or in the future and Save her soul Lord. I want her to experience You. I know that mamaw and uncle Bruce desire that even now in Heaven and are checking the arrivals daily to see which of us have entered Heaven to rejoice with them. I Pray for Gavin's soul and my future children's souls to be Saved at an early age. I Pray for James to be Saved. I Pray for Keith, Papaw Goodlett, and Wing to be Saved. I Pray for Judy and Tommy to be lead back to church service. I Pray for Ken to have the desire to go back and serve with his wife and children. I Pray that You use Alec and Lea in great ways to magnify You. I Pray for Felicia to be able to reach her papaw through love. I Pray for Cecil and Donna to be Saved if they aren't already. I Pray for the Thompson's who live next door to mom and dad and their Salvation. I Pray for Michael's lost friends/coworkers/customers to be Saved. I Pray for my lost friends/coworkers/students to be Saved. I Pray for all those who have lost people that they love. I Pray for Michael's coworker Joe's family in the loss of his mother. I Pray for Danielle's family. I Pray for Justin's, Pete's, Brian Wagner's, Joy Harrell's, Hannah Sobeski's, Ruth Bell Graham's, and any other family that has lost someone. Comfort them and show them that it is You and You alone who can help them.

Be with me throughout my day. Bless my desire to grow closer to You and continue to be my support as I try to do so. Help me be what You desire me to be. Bless these requests and let Thy will be done. I love you Father.

In Jesus' Precious and Holy Name I Pray....